You can heal your body and transform your life.

I’ll show you how.


You can heal your body and transform your life.

Coaching will show you how.

Receive tools and methods for greater self-care, self-compassion, and life success.

Crystal will teach you how to overcome anxiety, depression, overwhelm and lack of direction so you can live a more joyful, healthy and satisfied life.

Crystal is highly skilled in assisting her clients resolve past traumas, reversing negative brain patterns, ending self-sabotaging behaviors, and confidently taking the next steps in life. Crystal has facilitated the emotional healing of physical conditions that arise from weight gain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, hair loss, PMS, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, IBS, and Interstitial Cystitis (IC).

Give yourself the support you need with personal coaching to enhance your health and live a more balanced and fulfilled life.

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Neuro/Adrenal Kickstarter

Do you feel depressed, have anxiety, low energy, or having trouble sleeping at night? Wouldyou like to know if your brain chemistry or adrenal function is challenged and how to support yourself naturally?

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Healing From Within

Are you frustrated, in pain, and exhausting yourself going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out how to fix what’s going on? Does it feel like your health and physical condition is getting the best of you and taking over your life?

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Purpose and Direction

Do you feel lost, uninspired, lack motivation, or defeated by broken dreams? Do you feel youcan’t seem to get organized and take action because you’re not sure what direction you reallywant to go?

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Crystal Stone, M.A.

  • Connector.

    Masters Degree

    Spiritual Psychology

  • Connector.

    Advanced Certification

    Consciousness, Health, and Healing

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    Life Coaching / Nutrition

Meet Crystal

Crystal believes in the innate wisdom each of us have to heal our bodies and transform our lives. With years of dedication, inspiration, and experience, Crystal has gathered incredible insights and knowledge of healing through the connection and integration of the mind and body. In addition to a Life Coaching Certification from the University of Healing Arts, a nutrition certification from the Brain Optimization Institute, Crystal holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology with an advanced certification in Consciousness, Health, and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. Crystal has been coaching for nearly 10 years, assisting her clients in finding the blessing in their challenges, creating a life they love, and coming into peace and loving acceptance.
What makes Crystal an effective coach is years of rigorous study and facilitating clients of all walks of life. What makes Crystal a deeply compassionate coach is her life’s story. After training to be a ballet dancer since childhood and receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ballet from the University of Utah, Crystal danced as a professional ballerina with the esteemed dance company, Ballet West. A life time of achieving magnificent physical fetes, the effects taken on Crystal’s body began show, and the time following ballet was filled with painful physical and emotional exhaustion. Years of deep introspection, study, and profound awareness led Crystal to become interested in the powers of our consciousness and mind-body manifestation.
Crystal then empowered herself with the support of a life coach, who truly anchored a lifestyle of mindfulness, spirituality, and healthy living from the inside out. The incredible insights and support she received gave her the strength to overcome her pain and suffering. Through her own personal journey of healing, she was inspired to share her wisdom and help facilitate others. Crystal spent the following years working and studying alongside naturopaths, eastern and western medical doctors, physical therapists, medical intuitives, psychologists, and world-renowned leaders in the healing arts. The result of which is her unique multi-modal philosophy, utilizing a vast understanding of medicine, psychology, and spirituality. Today, Crystal is a mother of amazing 4 year old twins, a wife to her loving husband of 8 years, a continuous student of life, passionate about people, the arts, science, and nature. Crystal enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, meditating, and guiding people to their highest potential and joyful lives.

As your Health Coach,

I am your accountability partner, counselor, and personal cheerleader.
Together, we will look at all of the spokes of your life and see what areas need support, create a plan of action, and let the growth begin. We examine the unique perspective of your life and reveal anything that has been standing in your way of living your highest potential.

I will assist you in the reduction of self-defeating behaviors, unhealthy patterns, blocks, past traumas, fears, self-judgment, and anything that has been sabotaging your goals and desires to have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mindset.

There are many behavioral, psychological, unconscious, biological, and hereditary factors that influence the physical body and daily actions. Through the integrative approach of these explorations and therapeutic modalities I provide, you will gain control of your health and reclaim the vitality in your life that you deserve. Together, we will create a healthy lifestyle, consistency, and discipline – mind, body, and spirt.

Many of my clients say our work together has helped them maintain “clear and positive thinking”, “self-discipline”, “confidence”, “a positive self-image”, “inspiration”, and simply more energy to feel “good”.

My support is personally tailored to you and your lifestyle. My techniques are gentle, sincere, compassionate, and fun. I will help you accomplish your goals and put action to what your heart longs for. With my coaching, you can expect a positive transformation.

Crystal Stone

See what other’s are saying….

Camila C.

Crystal is a fantastic coach. She has been a huge support for me. I came to her because my anxiety and depression was getting the best of me and I didn’t want to take medications. Right off the bat she gave me practical tools and emotional techniques that I could use to ease the pressure of my racing mind and sleepless nights. She is someone I can tell anything to and know my troubles would never be judged by her. Crystal had me do a lab test to measure my adrenals and neurotransmitter levels. It was a test I did at home using saliva and urine. After a few weeks, my results came back and she went over them with me. That information was so great to have because it showed specifically where I was out of balance and what I needed to do supplement wise. I did exactly what she told me to do and after only a couple weeks I started feeling better and now that it’s been 3 months, I feel like a totally different person. Even my family and friends have noticed a difference in me. Not only does Crystal know her stuff about lifestyle changes that need to be made to reduce anxiety, but this test and supplements she offered me is keeping me from having to go on medications. Having depression and anxiety is NO JOKE! Please, if you are like I was, go see her. Crystal has given me my life back!

Shelly C.

We sought help from Crystal for our 17 yr old son. We are so thankful for the gentle yet clear and helpful set of tools that she was able to give him to deal with life’s difficulties at that critical time. He did all his sessions through video conferencing, as we didn’t live close, and that worked amazingly well. I feel like Crystal’s genuine interest in him fostered a real desire in him to be completely honest with her, which resulted in great progress. I know there are other parents out there that feel like I did, desperate for help! The teen years can be so difficult to navigate! I can’t recommend Crystal highly enough, I feel like we made an invaluable choice that will benefit him for the rest of his life.

April B.

I highly recommend Crystal as a health and life coach. Each session with her has been a delight. She is warm, friendly, funny, and super smart. She is also very intuitive and can pick up on things that always amazes me. I came to Crystal because I was struggling with several physical problems that lead me to depression. I had IBS, thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, menstrual issues, and I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I did. Not only was Crystal super knowledgable about these conditions but she helped me discover the emotional root causes that were contributing to them and making matters worse. She helped me break some bad habits and replaced them with positive ones. My health conditions are so much better now, and looking back, I know it’s because of having Crystal by my side. She helped me heal myself when medicine and self-help books were failing me. I am so thankful for her and what she does. I encourage anyone who struggles with their health or body image to call her. I am so thankful I did!

Brenda D.

Crystal has helped me more than I ever thought possible. Her gentle and caring demeanor make it easy to open up to her. She has the right tools for the situations I have brought to her. She helped me so much with my anxiety and postpartum depression. She has been super flexible with her schedule to make sure I am taken care of. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance, help, or just an ally to keep you strong.

Lori C.

Crystal is a remarkable coach who walks her talk and has extensive knowledge on not only the physical level, but she has a keen understanding of the mental and emotional levels of health challenges. I can feel Crystal’s deep caring and support even working with her through video teleconference. She is a fierce advocate for me, and I have felt her by my side the whole time i have been transforming into a new me. I highly recommend her!

Michelle L.

Crystal is a miracle worker! I cannot say enough good things about her. She has helped me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. She is extremely well educated and articulate, and gives you real life, everyday tools to help you heal and find your best self! I was hesitant to take advantage of her online video conferencing sessions but I am SO glad I did. It makes scheduling a breeze and I get as much out of those online sessions as I do in person. I recommend Crystal to anyone and everyone who needs someone “in their corner”!
She is a lifesaver 🙂

Jacob C.

I have been working with Crystal for about 4 months now and I really can’t give justice to how much of a help, she has been in this review but I would like to encourage any one on the fence about getting a life coach to at least give it a try. Crystal is excellent at her job and its is very apparent that she cares a lot about her clients and she has the knowledge and the tools to help no matter what your needs are. When I started I felt like there was a big emotional load on me and each session it gets lighter and I can’t be more thankful for that. I would recommend her to anyone.

Adam D.

I am very happy to write about Crystal. I have ADD and was having a really hard time focusing. I needed direction and had no idea what I even wanted to do with my life. I had very little motivation to do things and I felt tired all the time. Crystal was immediately really easy to talk to and she helped me get on track with my health and life goals. I took a test that she offers to see if my brain needed any supplemental support. It was very interesting to see that I needed certain vitamins to help with some nutritional deficiencies I had. I’ve seen Crystal for about 3 months now and I feel so much more focused and energized. I had no idea this would be the outcome. I highly recommend her.

Lisa B.

Love seeing Crystal!! She makes things light and funny. I feel like she really listens to me and helps ease my depression around a condition I have called interstitial cystitis. I’ve had the hardest time dealing with this until I started to see Crystal. I’ve been to several urologists, had procedures done, taken every pill and medication that I know of to fix it. I’m telling you – Crystal has helped me put it remission. I haven’t had a flair up in over a year since I’ve been using Crystal’s methods. She knows a lot about interstitial cystitis, how to heal the bladder, and how to deal with the emotions around it. Her methods are very practical and healing. I can’t thank her enough.

Questions / Answers

Sessions may be held easily and conveniently in your own home through online conferencing or by phone. Please make note, appointments are booked on Pacific Standard Time.

Video Conferencing: Simply go to at your scheduled appointment time, enter your name, and you will connected to a private and secure online video chat with Crystal. Google Chrome or Firefox browsers are preferred. No downloading required.

By Phone: Crystal will call you at your scheduled appointment time with the phone number you provided.

• Positive & motivating lifestyle behaviors
• Goal achievement
• Project completion
• Freedom from negative blocks & patterns
• Consistency, commitment, & accountability
• Loving your body – unconditionally
• Personalized nutrition, sleep, & exercise program
• Emotional stability
• Joyful self-discipline
• Achieving a positive self-image
• Living a life of vitality and longevity
• Lasting results
• Low self-image
• Loss of direction
• Chronic pain
• Caretaker fatigue
• Adrenal fatigue
• Thyroid or Hormone imbalance
• Weight release
• New mother support
• Career burnout
• Nutrition guidance
• Holistic stress reduction
• Guided meditations
No. My goal is to provide tools and skills for both the mind and body. I have watched many of my clients reduce or no longer take medications after working with me. Although some medications certainly have their place, long term health and sustainability is achieved by the work I provide.
Absolutely! I enjoy working with families to help everyone get on the same page. When families learn and grow together as individuals, a special bond is created within the relationship, resulting in improved communication, positive activities being established, needs being met, and each person’s process being respected. Involving others in your healing also makes it more fun and supportive. I have had the pleasure of working with teenagers through seniors. As with all clients, confidentiality is respected.
I offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation where we can discuss your needs, desired outcomes, and confirm if we are a good a match.
Coaching sessions are 60 minutes. Ongoing clients also receive free email support for questions, concerns, or spot coaching in-between sessions.
Just bring yourself. In some sessions, I may request you complete a home assignment for your next session. For phone or video appointments, handouts may be given during the session via email.
The length between sessions is determined by your needs and timeline. In the beginning, sessions typically range from weekly to twice per month and then extend over a period of time from monthly to quarterly. Similar to a fitness trainer or physical therapist, consistency, accountability, and learning more tools is key to sustaining a path to healing, personal growth, and lasting results.
Coaching does not last forever. My goal is to get you to a place where you have mastered your skills and tools so you can confidently do this work on your own. The most gratifying part of my job is bittersweet; the time I am no longer needed. Of course, life can offer new challenges and opportunities.
So whether it’s getting through a challenging time, completion of a project, accomplishing a goal, or just needing to check-in to sustain the work you have already achieved, coaching is always available to you.